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Computer Techs is a dedicated repair service for anyone having trouble with any of their devices - we can help.

We are the perfect choice for you to get your phone brand new again, with a team of highly trained technicians.

  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Qualified in Apple, Laptops and PCs
  • No Fix - No Fee
  • Free Friendly, Expert Advice
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Our Services

Customer Support

Our team are happy to offer friendly help and advice even if you don't need a repair.


We can usually complete your phone repair within the hour (but often faster) at our store.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our team offer repair services in all Apple products as well as computers, tablets and pretty much everything else.


We offer improvements in software from software installs, debugging and also Hardware installs


Quality accessories including device protection, cables, chargers and much more

Refurbished & Used

If you're looking for a phone at a big discount with 3 months warranty take a look at our collection


Most phone repairs that we carry out are usually completed within the hour. For iPads and tablets we recommend leaving your device overnight with us. For laptops, PCs and more involved repairs our technicians will let you know what timescales you can expect when you bring your laptop, tablet or phone repair in - it all depends on what's involved and whether the parts are in stock and etc..

Absolutely not. We operate a 'No Fix - No Fee' policy and will gladly spend time inspecting your device and running diagnostics on it if appropiate - you don't pay a thing for this.

We recommend giving us a call on 020 8345 7249 or send us an email and we’ll book you a slot - this saves you and us alot of time. If you really are tight on time you are welcome to come to our store

First you should flash a bright light on the screen to check if your phone screen is broken or if it's just the screen protector. Most times, flashing a bright light on the screen won't cause much refraction of light if only the screen protector was broken. However, if you get much light refraction it might be the main phone screen.

Next, you should examine the edges and corners of the phone screen. If there are cracks or lines there, that means your phone screen is cracked. Most screen protectors don't cover the entire part of the screen, so looking at the edges shouldn't be a problem.

Lastly, if you're still not convinced whether you cracked your phone screen or the screen protector, our team will be happy to take a look - you don't pay a thing for this.

Yes. All of our laptop, tablet and phone repairs come with a full 3 months warranty for your peace of mind. The warranty covers all parts and labour for the full 3 months so should you have a problem with any repair (extremely rare!) you know you’re covered. If there is no physical damage on the device, we will take it with open arms and repair your device with no cost.

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